1 As I walked into the station I watched the J70 glide away. Well, it is the right bus but is a crowded bus and I have other options. Then came another J70 and it never got crowded.

2 I got downtown just as the bank opened: no line, no waiting, nothing.

3 I read Walter de la Mare for an hour or so at the library. It is classified as an old book and I can’t take it out, so I have to read it there. Sometimes one reads poetry and it is labor, sometimes it goes easily and is exhilarating, suggesting to one other things along the way. It was the latter this morning.

4 Got Elizabeth Bowen’s To the North and was very pleased with the first two chapters. The novel has many masters, but in the hands of women it reaches its perfection. We will see if this one holds out, but Bowen can usually be counted on for interpersonal subtleties and for very satisfying observation of the details of an age.

5 Had a meeting where we discussed our new contract at work. Looks like we’ll have better pay, better treatment, bonuses, and opportunities for more training. The situation was getting grim there, and now it appears to be turning around. They’ve got me a membership to the British Council.

6 Was able to read on the bus back.

7 Good lunch.

8 Afternoon class cancelled late. No teaching and I still get paid.

9 When I had just made the awful discovery that I’d left the Kalevala at work in a locker, the doorbell rang and the box of books I had not dared expect would actually arrive arrived! My Charles Williams, my Frost, my Yeats, my Bowen’s stories, Boswell’s Johnson, the Worm, an unread Barfield, Coleridge and also Middlemarch for bonus. And my Fenelon, which is already with the Bibles and the Book of Common Prayer.

Thanks to Deborah for mailing it. Thanks to my in-law’s for underwriting the financial aspect thereof.

Just in time for the holidays.

10 My new Moleskine notebook just arrived at the bookstore. I’m down to two pages on the one I have.

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