Interlude 1

Remarks on the AS/SA Devices

The Ambiguous Spontaneator, or Spontaneous Anomalator, or Spontaneous Ambiguator, as the device is severally known, is a product of the civilization of Accounticon, a planet in the system Swilli. The reason this curious device is so severally known is one of those historical conundrums that is, so far, still shrouded in darkest mystery. There are two working hypotheses we have to explain the vagrant nomenclature. Some suggest it is the product of exposure to the device. After all, the device seems to exist in order to multiply anomalies. Why not apply it to the name? Others are convinced that the change in nomenclature can be directly correlated to the time of day. In other words, there are astronomical reasons which change the very thoughts of people who are talking about the device.

There are two further subdivisions to this second hypothesis. Some think it has to do with an exposure or deprivation of sunlight. When people begin to refer to it as the SA device, one shouldn’t expect them to have a tan. The other school subscribes to Alignmentism. Alignmentists are a sect that believes there are lines running through the heavens connecting certain stars. They believe the existence of these lines is proven in instances such as the variational (notice they do not use the term “vagrant”) nomenclature which is applied to certain objects or stages of life. The AS/SA device, being such a significant object, is thus subject to perceptual alterations when certain lines, rather than others, are passing through the mind of the person perceiving and referring, alluding to, or casually mentioning the device. A curious fact about this second school of the second hypothesis is that they enter lead rooms in order to write or discuss these objects or stages of life. They believe that lead will filter out the particles in the line that cause the alteration in the brain.

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