For Christmas they light up the city here in Colombia. Only in many places there is little sense of order or taste. The lights blink frenetically, they come in assorted hues, and are used liberally and hung randomly and precariously.

What is the simile I want? It is like . . . it is like . . . science fiction that isn’t so tame. It’s like the aliens landed and started using human lighting without having a human understanding of it.

I’m very happy here.

Want to hear more science fiction? They started piping the priest in the catholic church when he leads whatever singing they do, so we can hear him from the apartment—and none of them can sing. Last night he was singing, If you’re saved and you know it say Amen. Saved!? I thought that was still a sin of presumption in the catholic church. It’s like aliens landed and started using the catholic church without having a human understanding of it.

Wouldn’t it be weird if the aliens landed and all turned out to be evangelicals?

Well, maybe that wouldn’t be so strange. It would explain a lot.

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