1 The Planets of the Swilli System
2 The Return of Kameldeergard

Part the FirstA Failed Protagonist
1 Strange Visitations
2 The Coming of the Bus
3 The Theme Park
4 Doug Makes a Getaway
5 Doug Meets Unk
6 Showdown with the Bus
7 How Doug Got Out

Interlude 1: Remarks on the AS/SA Devices

Part the SecondThe Dracula Fiasco
1 Doc and Dull Machinate
2 The Abduction of Dracula
3 The Plot Thickens
4 The Plot Coagulates
5 The Plot . . . What Plot?

Part the ThirdThe Passing of Van Til
1 Aftermath
2 Presuppositionalistic Places
3 Purgatory
4 Dispensations in Space
5 Monastery
6 Dead End

Part the Fourth
The Da Finney Code
1 Sermon Preparations
2 The Da Finney Code
3 The Fatal Twist
4 Under Siege
5 Mortimer Gunius
6 Why Lewis Did It

Interlude 2: An Etymological Confabulation Drive

Part the Fifth
The Criten
1 The Raven
2 The Accordion
3 Medical Plans
4 A Strange Affliction
5 Tumors in the Head
6 Ploys of Employment
7 Various Revelations
8 The Criten

Interlude 3: The City of the Birds

Part the SixthThe Long Dark Journey
1 The Hunchback of a Little Town North of Portland
2 The Sage’s Folly
3 A Misdirected Beam
4 The Chickens
5 Ned
6 The Language of the Restoration
7 The Hard Boiled Eggs
8 The Conglomerate

Part the SeventhOrnilda
1 Some Identities Revealed
2 Interdicted Fowl
3 Arrival
4 Albertus Parvus
5 Criten De-Marketing Services
6 The Lady Magnolia
7 Clamm Pays a Visit
8 An Interview & A Situation

Random ChapterHow the Criten Got the Keys
1 An Early Start
2 Grubbage
3 Deployment
4 Important Subsequent Bits
5 Clamm Moves
6 Corporate HQ
7 The Replicator
8 A Hitch
9 The Keys!
10 Epilogue

4 thoughts on “Chronicles

  1. It aint all here. Thisyer is only the early bits. It needs some work. There’s more under the post category Chronicles (as opposed to the page Chronicles) which should go in the right order if you start with the earliest and go to the latest – although that aint no guarantee. I need to work on a summary and organization before I get to a general revision and change everything. Now that I’ve got Accordion Radio the whole project ought to go along a whole lot . . . more . . . wundabar.

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