Not a bustling place like NYC is it? People scoot around, there’s about as many foreigners, traffic is lighter in DC, but then the density is down. And they’re not adding value.

I love that you can get MAGA hats on the corner next to the white house.

It is a far more monumented and better treed place, DC. Much cleaner than Philadelphia too. Is it that they have a limit on the height of the glass and concrete boxes that line the roads? Is it the south? There’s more of the skies, more of the branches, and more of the sun shining on the winters wheeling flocks of birds.

Washington DC is also laid out with all these diagonals and the circles they transect. The part I was in has a feel of a very new city. You see old architecture from time to time, but not like in Philadelphia or New York. I think they’ve torn down a lot of the old, for all that it is a newer city, and have put in the faceless boxes of the administrative state. It reminds me of the north of Bogotá.

Besides having all the embassies, they have all the restaurants in DC. Every chain, everything high end, altogether nothing is left out, unless it is the hole in the wall. None seen, no diners either.

They scanned me quite thoroughly for the Natural History Museum, but I breezed into the National Gallery. Why is this? The Natural History Museum doesn’t have Degas or Renoir. Perhaps that it is less thronged and much more like a museum in the Gallery.