Three Articles on Going to College

This article, “Moral Education and the University,” is about the purpose of going and the limits of being there. Should you go to college for moral formation? The answer provided clarifies the kind of formation that a university exists to provide and deals with the important question of moral formation. It is based on sound reasoning and provides good advice, though the advice is framed in a strictly Catholic context.

This article, “How to Find Joy in College and Life,” is about how to approach college. It is highly instructive for all of life. Instead of going to college to be safe and avoid hardship, it urges going to college to embrace hardship, sacrifice, and to learn how life is actually lived. The key insight is that avoiding discipline brings misery and embracing it brings joy. Any article that quotes Zena Hitz, A.E. Sertillanges, and Joseph Pieper for insight is going to enrich and dazzle you.

The last article has the wary title, “Is College Worth It?” The point of the article is to parse the question so that a good answer can be obtained. People are going to college in order to be part of the credentialed managerial classes, which has unfortunate outcomes. The article is good at showing why this should be avoided. It then provides considerations so that each person can answer the title’s question with satisfaction.


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