My Life Is Full

The voice of experience and authority has decreed for me a rest. It has been suggested that I only work one job till the end of March and only then to take up again all of my labors. I have most willingly accepted the suggestion and submitted to the advice of counsel.

Too little of that voice in my life, to tell you the truth.

Already I can feel my life unclenching.

And so the question of Aristotle’s pragmatic Nicomachean Ethics arises. With what activity shall we occupy our leisure? Wisdom suggests two projects. Hampton and Kenney’s Christian Platonism and Elisabeth Lasch-Quinn’s Ars Vita. What could be better? Thanks to the Guthrie Library of Hanover, PA, I can borrow them from Temple and Villanova without charge.

Ars Vita has been briefly described as Platonism Wins. So both are Plato all the way down. And that is why my life is full.

Of Plato.


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