Coronavirus Conclusions and Beginnings

Well, Famous Hot Weiner is back to capacity and no masks. Every stool at the counter was occupied. The Hanover municipal building no longer has a mask sign and the doors appear to be open to all. There are signs for masks here and there and there are masks being worn still by some outside. But I think these are the people who have a thing about being exposed to other human beings at all. Something is ending for them, or something beginning.

Less interestingly, I’m doing the Jordan Peterson Self-Authoring course. I think it is well structured, that it asks good questions, and I have good hopes of what it will yield me. It takes quite a bit of time, so you have to look at it as a long-term project you are working on and peck away on your day off. Because I have the habit of writing, I enjoy it. I have written 6000 words characters on it today, and plan to do another 6000. And in that way creep toward finishing 10% of a fourth of the whole thing. I’m nowhere near beginning to finish.

I’m in a survey of the past where you first periodize your life, then you think of a set of experiences in each period, and then you analyze the experiences you described. It is surprisingly fruitful. I’ve thought about things, but this is methodical and structured. I begin to understand what they’re doing and how it works. If life in the coming days does not get volatile, it will be good to have a way to discipline all my interests and work toward coherence; and if life does get volatile, it will be good to be gathered and with greater inner clarity.

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