Coronavirus Chronicles – December 23

I think the moment is revealing a lot of incompetence. It is what I find most striking in what I see and hear. We have mistaken privilege for competence, and we are learning that there really is a difference. We thought the credentials and certifications all meant more than we are seeing they actually do. Now we are looking at the hollowness of the shell. We are seeing the inside and it doesn’t have what we thought it did. Think about it: the USA is today a country in which a man such as our president, Donald Trump, no moral paragon, can stand up and indict the whole of Washington for its greed and incompetence with all the credibility of an Old Testament prophet. What a blast!

We are living the latest lockdown here in PA—all the way till January 4. The first one was due to panic. Now it is the idiotic repetition of what cannot give results because they do not know what else to do. People, however, know what to do. There is still competence to be found, just not credentialed or certified. The roads are not as deserted as they were the first time around; the government has not dared shut down as much as it did then; and, at least here, among those who are supposed to be shut down, not all comply. The outposts of resistance which began to bloom last May, continue spreading.

Speaking of which, at the American Mind they are talking about what we need to deal with next: the fact that in all the West there are now two competing and incompatible ideas of what a human being is. It does seem that the effect of the politics of our moment along with the coronavirus have accelerated the polarization this is causing. I don’t think the Biden years are going to be more quiet.

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