Coronavirus Chronicles – April 9

Well, if we keep up at our present rate, we should hit 20K cases in PA tomorrow. I don’t think we’re coming out of lockdown for another couple of weeks. Will there be a relaxation? If there is, will it be more disruptive to our schedules than otherwise? Those who have not been able to be productive will welcome a disruption to their schedule.

Are you used to all this yet? One learns what one can do and . . . that is then what one does. Not much relief to the monotony—only certain combinations will work. With a dissertation, one has work to do. Still, with the monotony, it is a challenge to be productive. One thinks of so many things one would rather be doing. I, for example, just realized I still have not read Scruton’s 2018 book on music. I bought it, I put it on the shelf to read, I moved, I shelved it while settling in, and I forgot I had not read it. What a monumental distraction to have at this point!

Today we had waves of rain followed by bright skies, alternating. Maritime conditions, the way they have them in Seattle. The trees are greening steadily, along with the rest of the world. I think people are also getting tired of the lockdown. The dentist had some people today. The pediatricians, usually a constantly busy office, seemed to have activity today. There comes a moment when those who have been penned up decide enough is enough. I think when the lockdown is off, we are going to be moving all over the surface of this planet like never before.

Now that I’ve discovered how quickly I can drive to NYC, I may be often moving in that direction.

And there seems to be some hope that the end is in view. The reports are no longer so laden with doom and uncertainty. At least not for us here. Even Boris Johnson is pulling through.

I read a most humane article by Geoffrey Nuttall on Millenarianism. He starts out by observing that times of trial may be differently considered by different people. Those who still have youthful energies don’t take it as hard as those in middle years who anticipate the expenditure of energy differently. And I think another variable would be what your position in society relative to the coming challenges is.

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