Where’s Jordan Peterson?

I had a conversation sometime in 2018 with a Canadian active on the interwebs and asked him about Jordan Peterson. His idea was that Peterson would be a phenomenon until he made a public mistake, and then he was finished. Last summer (the last internet thing being a painfully emotional interview with a Canadian journalist), Peterson checked himself into rehab. He has since not really returned in strength. His podcast is recycling things from early 2019, YouTube has that last interview so that you can see his weakness, but that is all.

He no longer appears as strong as he once did. Is he recovering from the family and personal crisis? Or from that compounded with the unreal and precipitous celebrity? I sometimes wonder if celebrity does not in some way deform, and must be striven against, and overcome or mastered or put behind. Hard for me to get empirical on that notion, though . . . Is he collapsing? What will come next? We wait to see. I don’t agree with the Canadian’s evaluation, however.

The world changes, doesn’t it? Things come and go. One day, Trump will go back to making money–I don’t even want to think of that one. But yes, one day this present moment will be forgotten. Already the moment with the low-quality video, Peterson in the yellow shirt and jeans standing up against the whole tendency of academia seems distant. Somebody unexpected did something which now is no longer unexpected.

Roger Scruton died, Christopher Tolkien died, and they both stood up to things. All I got left is Trump! He’s the unexpected though, isn’t he? Do you see what I’m trying to say about the unexpected person doing something? It counts disproportionately to someone expected doing something. Trump knows how to make it last, somehow. I see the president is taking it to Greta at Davos. Who would have thought? At least knowing that it will end, I still wonder exactly where.

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