Some Unexamined Life

You know you’re a pastor when you got a shelf of IX Marks books and for the first time in your life you’re interested in them. They’re not academic, rather kind of breezy to read, if you see what I mean. Stuff I would always in the past have passed over in favor of the collected letters of T.S. Eliot. Now they actually contend with him.

What will happen to me if I do this?

Life will happen to me. It’s nothing other than another thing that I have to do. Like seeing someone left alone at the potluck and knowing the place beside is reserved for me. Life will occur with its variegated experiences; life with its strangeness and variety. The stream of time will carry me toward its completion and my eternity.

* * *

There is a real sense of that in Vodolazkin’s novels.

One of the great pleasures of this life is having a day off to read novels. I always read novels, but those days when you can read what you don’t have to read make that reading all the more interesting. Which is the same point again, isn’t it?

* * *

David Bentley Hart seems to have become David Hartley Bent, from all accounts. I have found what he writes stimulating in the past because he’s learned and devastating against his enemies. It is part of the joy how devastating he is against his enemies, when they are my enemies. I admit there was a time when I found him annoying, before I found something that was more calculated to annoy others. Now I read a review of his latest over in one of the big Gospel conglomerates, and it made me wonder. I have his NT translation, and one can see the oddities encroaching on it, but can it really be as bad as is claimed? Strong reactions are obtaining everywhere. Loud.

Or is it just how David Hartley Bent always goes after those he targets? Listen, did he mince words on the New Atheists? I wonder. I wonder if the caliber of the gun he uses ever changes, no matter who’s in view.

I tried to get the local library to do an interlibrary loan to obtain the book in question. They treated it as a request to purchase, told me their budget for such was terminated, and that was that. So I’ll have to go along with life till the book comes to me otherwise.

Ah well, for now, Mark Dever.

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