BWV 229

Komm, Jesu, komm,
mein Leib ist müde.
Die Kraft verschwindt je mehr und mehr,
ich sehne mich
nach deinem Friede;
der saure Weg wird mir zu schwer!
Komm, ich will
mich dir ergeben;
du bist der rechte Weg,
die Wahrheit und das Leben.

Drum schliess ich mich in deine Hände
und sage, Welt, zu guter Nacht!
Eilt gleich mein Lebenslauf zu
ist doch der Geist wohl angebracht.
Er soll bei seinem Schöpfer schweben,
weil Jesus ist und bleibt
der wahre Weg zum Leben.

Come, Jesus, come,
my body is weary,
my strength deserts me more and more,
I yearn
for thy peace;
life’s bitter path is too much for me!
Come, come, I will surrender myself to thee,
thou art the right Way,
the Truth and the Life.

And so I place myself in thy hands
and bid thee, world, farewell!
Though the sands of my life are running out,
the spirit is ready.
It shall hover before its maker,
for Jesus is and remains
the true way to life.

There is no rest in this life. It is a pilgrimage. The consolation is that rest is coming, once life is over. For now we have the promises of God, but we long to possess that which has been promised.

Here is a little more, from BWV 57.

Ah, Jesus, were I already with Thee!
Ah, were the wind
already wafting over my tomb and grave,
I could conquer every affliction.
How blest are they who lie in their coffins
and hope to hear the sound of angels!

That is good religion from 1725. If you are not going to church for that, what are you going for?


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