Celebrating Twitter

What an age we are living in. I hope you are not invested in this world, because it is not looking like a sound investment right now. The good news is: the end is nigh.

I had a good laugh when I saw the outcome of GA06. I don’t know why I find it so vastly amusing, but I laughed and laughed and scrolled through twitter. It is during elections that I most love twitter. I think Chaucer would have liked twitter: the cheerful gloating, the raucous taunting, the schadenfreude so aptly conveyed it speaks of sheer purity of intention. And nothing shows the desperation, anxiety and just how ridiculous people become boosting Trump by an opposition in overdrive. Ah humanity! Oh essences! You’d have to be Midwestern not to enjoy it.

I think hating Trump is all of a piece with virtue signaling: don’t be for real right, don’t be against real wrong. Trump is the devil of the morally-confused virtue-signaling cosmos, and that ought to tell us something. Think about it: we live in a day when someone like Donald Trump stands for something. I’m so glad I’ve lived to witness it.

My money is on the President: most entertaining, most likely to survive, best bling and bluster for our buck, and with the enemies he’s got, he can accomplish lots of good as long as he doesn’t abandon his cunning and instincts. Which doesn’t seem likely, does it?



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