Still Spinning

Evangelical biblical scholar Denny Burk signals that as a result of the Trinity Debate his church is now reciting more of the Apostle’s Creed than formerly (and than there is, actually). If this can be construed as a move, then this is a move in the right direction. Perhaps one day they’ll even give the Nicene Creed a try.

“If last summer’s trinity debate did anything, it raised awareness among evangelicals about the primary importance of eternal generation in distinguishing the persons of the trinity.” I’d like to object to that statement. But I find that I can’t object to that statement because that is probably all it actually did among evangelicals.

So that’s the big take-away from all the Trinity Debate after all the dust and acrimony, all the hand-wringing about tone, all the solemn meetings, protestations, unctuous bluster and epiphanies. How about reciting the Ten Commandments, Denny Burk? Can’t get more Biblical than the Ten Commandments. The first couple and maybe also the ninth might be useful in connection with the Trinity Debate.


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