The Qualities of the Glorified Body

Since the blessed soul, owing to its union with the first principle of all things, will be raised to the pinnacle of nobility and power, it will communicate substantial existence in the most perfect degree to the body that has been joined to it by divine action. And thus, holding the body completely under its sway, the soul will render the body subtle and spiritual. The soul will also bestow on the body a most, noble quality, namely, the radiant beauty of clarity. Further, because of the influence emanating from the soul, the body’s stability will not be subject to alteration by any cause; which means that the body will be impassible. Lastly, since the body will be wholly submissive to the soul, as a tool is to him who plies it, it will be endowed with agility. Hence the properties of the bodies belonging to the blessed will be these four: subtlety, clarity, impassibility, and agility.

This is the sense of the Apostle’s words in 1 Corinthians 15:42 ff.: In death the body “is sown in corruption, it shall rise in incorruption;” this refers to impassibility. “It is sown in dishonor, it shall rise in glory;” this refers to clarity. “It is sown in weakness, it shall rise in power,” and hence will have agility. “It is sown a natural body, it shall rise a spiritual body;” in other words, it will be endowed with subtlety.

Aquinas, Compendium Theologiae, 168.


3 thoughts on “The Qualities of the Glorified Body

  1. Perhaps you know that almost 30 years ago, I sustained a crippling spinal injury just after my 38th birthday.

    I observe that prior to my injury, my physical body moved at the will of my spirit. Since it has rebelled against my spirit (not totally … but like a stubborn mule).

    Recently I read JP Moreland’s, The Soul. I’ve read it twice – it should be in your library. To me he had easy chapters and difficult chapters.

    While I love life and every day is a great gift, soon for me I will lay aside this body. I’m not looking forward to “the dying” but I long to be freed from my crippled body.

    The above is why your post was a blessing to me.


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