Morning & Evening of the Unexamined Life

I had a morning’s walk in the rain, and so did not get all my reading done, though some was. Spring is doing, and that is worth it. Who needs activism in the academy? I need contemplation.

I also need a job. What will it be this time? I do a lot of work these days, but the only one paying for it is my wife. And my problem is that I’ll prioritize an activity in which I can learn high over earning money. At one point will I know enough for anybody to want to pay me? I doubt it. I have too long to go for that. I should go for the money, but I do enjoy learning, however gradually.

I had an evening’s walk in the sun. These are days to be enjoyed here, before the brutalities of summer come. It is a harsh and indelicate country that engages yearly in the summers here indulged. For now there is humane and pleasant weather for the last month of classes.


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