Something I’ve Learned

The amount of time I have left in classwork is down to weeks, then that will be over. I haven’t been blogging because I’ve had things to keep me occupied. I’ll reflect on a few things I’ve learned, which are of no benefit to any reader. These are just a curiosity for the sake of blogging.

I’ve learned to take notes better.

I’ve learned I can start and finish a paper in a month, more or less.

I’ve learned how to come up with a lecture, as opposed to a sermon or a Sunday-school lesson.

I’ve gotten efficient at this work.

I’ve become calm about it, knowing what I’m capable of and the time required. I am not the kind of person who naturally relaxes about a deadline. I do not need to hear it is coming. I usually finish long before it comes. What I had to learn was not to start with too much haste: to calm down about time passing and quit sprinting to the end of the projects as soon as possible.

I’ve learned when I can quit reading.

I’ve learned to read in various ways.

I’ve developed more ways of making arguments and demonstrating things.

I’ve learned to write with greater clarity.

I’ve learned to recognize when I need to figure out something prior before advancing on something posterior.

And I’ve consolidated my grasp on the general outline of things, at least before the Reformation.

So I’m very pleased with the PhD so far.


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