1689 LBC 15.1

The 15th Chapter of the 1689 LBC follows the Savoy Declaration rather than the Westminster Confession. The difference is mainly one of order, and perhaps of emphasis on the personal and private, rather than the public and institutional. The Westminster Confession begins with repentance and preaching and eventually gets to personal confession, whereas the Savoy Declaration and Baptist Confession stress the Spirit’s work in bringing it about, start personally and end with preaching. Not incompatible, but different emphasis.

It does make one curious why the 1689 LBC and Savoy Declaration start where they do: 1. Such of the elect as are converted at riper years, having sometime lived in the state of nature, and therein served divers lusts and pleasures, God in their effectual calling giveth them repentance unto life.

What is the question in persons like Thomas Goodwin’s mind that the 15.1 answers? Can they be thinking about a failed revolution?


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