A Triumph!

Denny Burk has achieved an epiphany: “It turns out that the Nicene Fathers knew Greek really well—probably better than any of us reading the New Testament today.” Isn’t that great? Who would have thought it? How humble of an evangelical scholar to acknowledge that. And he went to a lot of trouble to prove it from Scripture, which is why studying Scripture is so much better than studying, for example, history.

I’m so glad we have evangelical scholarship to make sure we understand the reliability of what the Church has believed. Otherwise it would just be up to historians telling us things, such as, pointing out that nobody has recanted Eternal Functional Subordination yet and that so far the parties concerned have only achieved a more convoluted theology than formerly.

No worries, keep doing that until everybody is exhausted, then you win.

* * *

I had not seen this, in which a Daughter of the Reformation shows that she knows more about the Westminster Confession than Ligon Duncan, and rather exposes more political than substantial turns of phrase.

Don’t you think it is sinister?

3 thoughts on “A Triumph!

  1. The EFS/ESS men have a hard time reading what people like Daughter of the Reformation say. It’s not what she says that keeps them from reading it. It’s that what she says is being said by a woman.

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