I love how everybody is pointing out the non-Trump factors that led to his win. Trump won because the Democrats this and that, and Comey, and what have you. I would like to point out that Trump also won because he is Trump.

How is Trump, Trumpish? let me count the ways:

  1. He hates to be scripted and talks the way he wants. I personally find Ted Cruz implausible just because of how he talks: the nasal, fake-folksy lecture. I also thought Kasich was off-puttingly anecdotal and too much into accomplishment-listing, never mind the manic chopping. You can’t bore people into voting for you in an age of entertainment; it is like not trying. And this makes it seem as if without trying, Trump succeeded.
  2. He is an awesome creature of the swamp. I had to laugh at the look on Jeb Bush’s face when he was simply bewildered to be up against something as bizarre as Trump. He had no idea how to respond other than flummoxed irritation. And what Trump did to Marco Rubio in that infamous moment shows that he wrestles like Antaeus, stronger when he is in touch with the mud. Trump was unconventional and highly successful at it, and it was the doom of the groomed and prepared, coffers of cash notwithstanding. He was the little guy in the sense that he didn’t wield their sophisticated knives, and yet he outdid them.
  3. He is loathed. For me, the greatest thing about Trump is how much he is loathed by the celebrities of America. I think they know he is beating them at their own game. They stand for fake things, they are fake, and here is Trump the popular culture icon of a fake businessman who outfakes the lot. He appears to know how things work here and now, and has showed that many people who thought they were working things were just faking.
  4. He seems a pretty tame person, all said. Maybe he’s good at concealing. That after the intense search for dirt on him all they came up with was some offensive remarks strikes me as relatively mild. Maybe there’s more to come, but if the Clinton machine had nothing worse on him than what appears to be a conversation you can hear any day working at McDonald’s, then he is rather a tame billionaire. It is interesting to see how little the average citizen believes the press demonization. There is some credit to be given the press for so heinously overstating the case against Trump as to cause disbelief to set in, but Trump deserves credit. He is a billionaire who can get up to whatever this world affords. No doubt he has gotten up to many things, but a bunch of comments, however vulgar, hardly seems that damning (though to spare my own sensibilities, I never endeavored to watch or listen to the video).
  5. Elites refuse to get him, and it just seems condescending. I love Roger Scruton. Scruton lives in a bubble of intelligence and culture few of us can aspire to, but which I am glad he enjoys. He is eminently suited to be there, and I will always listen to him on most things with joy and admiration. For him, Trump is nothing more than irremediably uncivilized, and compared to Roger Scruton . . . well, who isn’t? Anybody who can afford (in various senses of affording) to possess something better seems to struggle with Trump. This has an effect, you know. It has an effect on those who struggle with other things than other’s or one’s own lack of refinement because they must daily deal with exactly that. Trump’s character (or at least his ethos, in the Aristotelian sense) is that of a lower income white guy, for all that he has billions. What, after all, would a lower income white guy do if he got billions? He’d live in his own bling tower in NYC, he’d upgrade his wife from time to time, he’d become a legitimate authority on stuff by going on TV, he would not take advice on his hair, would tweet erratically, and he would run for president of the Yoonited States. The difference is: Trump actually pulled it off. Listen to elites saying in as many ways as possible that he does not belong where he is. Do they not understand human nature? We can take it from Roger Scruton, but probably only from Roger Scruton.

I can’t help cheering, whatever the long-term consequences. I could go on, but you don’t want me to, I know. Remember though, Trump is the guy who pulled it off and he deserves the credit for having accomplished it.


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