Trump, the Gambler’s Choice

  1. Was this latest any surprise considering Trump is a vulgar womanizer? No, he is what we have known him to be since he rode down that escalator to announce his nomination. He is a genuine American monster.
  2. Somebody, however, is going through everything possible on Trump with a fine tooth-comb. Is it any surprise, therefore, that something like this should emerge? It should not be. I will say that this find is money, and I can’t help sharing the comber’s glee in a job well done. It has had quite an effect, at least so far.
  3. Because somebody, I won’t speculate—not that I think it would be speculation—wants this to have an effect. Do I want to react the way this diligent digger would like me to? As a reactionary rather than a conservative, I’m personally going to balk at that complicity.
  4. It is the tool of the left to use affected moral indignation. I feel no moral indignation and I am not sure affecting any helps anything. What is more, I do not think it is unduly jaded of me to think most of the moral indignation being expressed is hypocrisy, especially since a lot of it comes from politicians. I wonder if those who are being hypocrites are not being played by one of Hillary’s great backers: the devil.
  5. Donald Trump is the last, best hope for America, folks! Don’t you realize that when you put politics on TV you can’t expect more? Read Neil Postman and quit winging.

You can abstain from voting, you can vote your conscience (not something I am American enough to understand, I guess), but in the end we know it will be Hillary or Trump in the White House. And the conservative case, if there is still one anybody can make, is the case against ideology. Any ideology. Among the many and calamitous accusations that can be lodged against Trump, isn’t the possession of or even the ability to possess an ideology the single one that won’t stick? I think it can’t, and that is why I can’t believe the devil would be backing him too.

So take a gamble: Make America Great Again.


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