Book & Library

I like my many little Könemann editions: nice binding, good font, cream paper, useful notes. I do find quite a few typos. Is it that they’re set by Germans? Can it be just that I’ve become more observant of typos? Perhaps they stand out more in better editions.

In which, by the way, I’m enjoying Sense & Sensibility. I’ve listened to many of the older works this way, and I think it is a good way, but has to be alternated with one’s own reading. There is a different pace: one that is one’s own. There is also more time to look around, as it were, to pause and notice things than there would be otherwise.

I sense there will be something of a literary binge in my life coming up. We had quite a bit of discussion of Shakespeare today. One of the surprises of Princeton in which the students carry on when the teacher fails to show up: there are persons who can speak intelligently about literature. The Great Man can speak of literature, but he has nobody at Westminster with whom, generally. A bit more civilized at Princeton.

And a bit more accepting of notions as well. There was some dubiety about whether there is such a thing as all of us human beings having a common human nature. I am so glad my life is simplified by Platonism.

And a few more books obtain in the more picturesque portions of New Jersey. One is constantly enchanted while moving the compact shelving aside to find lots of the good stuff. Things you see cited and imagine reside very extremely distantly are suddenly there before you. The Princeton Seminary Library was built in 2012, so it is rather state-of-the-art; and it is all for housing treasures both old and new.

The thing there is to scan books, it appears. The scanners are also state-of-the-art, and I think on the whole the students must replicate the equivalent of the library’s holdings every semester. I will say that finding people poking around in the stacks is somewhat rare. I always check before moving something, but have yet to find anybody perusing in an aisle I want to shut.

Which is fine, since I rather enjoy browsing. There is nothing quite like starting another book, is there? It is the best way to spend an unexamined life.


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