Too Much Spin

Curious what happened to Todd Pruitt. He did a number exposing the exegetical oddness of the complementarian submissionists and then took it down. He explains it all:

I made the decision to take down my post critiquing Denny Burk’s article on Philippians 2:6. It was not an easy decision. I still believe my critique was appropriate. I still believe Denny’s article is problematic.

But I don’t have very thick skin.

I learned a lesson today. It was a lesson I was warned of: Be very careful about taking on men with powerful friends.

It is interesting, isn’t it? He got savaged by email, perhaps after a first post challenging Burk to respond. I assume it was a more behind-the-scenes approach by a less cultivated customer going along the lines of Mohler’s and Moore’s irresponsible response to the situation so far: assertions rather than arguments. It is clear which side is making arguments and which side is not, but that fact is not likely to determine anything in the world of evangelicals. I don’t think they can even tell when they’re not making an argument, you know?

I wish the incriminating evidence had been published instead. How the hornets would have buzzed then! Oh well. You can read Pruitt’s rather thicker-skinned sidekick’s reaction here.

The Big Eva world is indeed run as the personal fiefdom of a few, even if many of those decent people involved on the various mastheads are unaware of this.  But cross those few, or touch their dogmatic golden calves, and you can expect the fight back to be dirty, relentless, increasingly dangerous, and by and large hidden from the watching world – the world, that is, that funds evangelicalism on the assumption that hard-earned donations go to spreading the gospel, not building personal platforms and nixing the dissidents.

If Pruitt really gets qualms and drops the podcast, I suggest they start doing the podcast with dissidens. Wouldn’t that be great? I, for one, would actually start to listen to it.


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