Upon September

September is the summer slayer, quieting the crickets’ clamor and refreshing the August drought with autumnal rains.

Had me a good Sunday reading Out of the Silent Planet for the 10th time or so. Love the book. I still think it is the best in the trilogy, though I enjoy Hideous Strength repeatedly. I like the ending to Perelandra, though not the aquatic world. You know, Malacandra is a winter world. A compelling winter world too briefly glimpsed. I wish I could write something like that. He suggests so expertly. And that is the great thing about reading books by C.S. Lewis, the consciousness, the contours of intelligence, of thought, the inner feel of a mind in which you participate, riding along actively.

You need that when you’re reading all kinds of things you have to by persons who have no or very little in the way of lively, habitable consciousness: the learned of our age.

One who does know what he’s doing is Eric Osborn. He has a book on Irenaeus that exhibits no little skill. He has more books. Him must I read in order to get a handle on the early church. I have a friend in Colombia whom I help by doing a podcast on Church History. We’ve done John Owen and the Apostolic Fathers, one by one. We are working on Justin, then Irenaeus and Gnosticism, then Tertullian and Montanism, and so on. One hour most weeks, and if we can keep it going, a good way through the history of the church in the next few years.

I study doctrine by recording for the same friend a commentary on the 1689 LBC: an hour a chapter, is what it works out to. That is a good exercise for a recovering Biblicist.

This is the year to look forward to more medieval studies. I’m going to see about Eriugena and the Carolingian age this fall. So early Middle Ages and then perhaps the late Middle Ages in the Spring. I understand for my comprehensive exams the area covered is more Reformation and Modern Church. This way I can make sure the ground is altogether covered.


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