Gabriel’s Theodicy

You have to see this. It is so intense it is at first like a black hole. You cannot read it once and get it. But there is such an intensity of meaning there once it starts coming together as you re-read it that it blazes.

I say it because if you don’t stop to try and understand it, you may ignore it. What actually drew my attention was that ‘so’ in the first line. It was the heuristic device, and I still find it hard to accept, but it kept me there. I haven’t commented on it because I was consulting with the poet laureate of fundamentalism.

It is astonishingly intense. It is worth understanding. It is a great insight and hard to see how else it could be put.

I detect no formal principle, and that surprises me. That’s why I wanted to consult the poet laureate of fundamentalism about it, to make sure I wasn’t missing it. I am not sure, but I wonder if perhaps there was originally more regular meter that got chiseled away as the block was sculpted. It is a good final product.


4 thoughts on “Gabriel’s Theodicy

  1. If the poet laureate is also the Baptist Snake Handler, he helped with the chiseling, a few years back. I’m glad it works, on some levels.

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