A Good Haul

The chaps at the Harvest Book Sale got a Princeton librarian cleaning out his library. Stuff by Kirk, stuff by Chesterton . . . so many things. Lots of interesting books in excellent condition. Lots of stuff on Samuel Johnson, Acton and on.

They guy who sold me what I bought bought them. Think of that, of the libraries there must be in the region, and the ageing owners, and the used book trade. Of course, there’s NY to see about the books at, but what lies closer to us than to them: think of all that.

Anywhere, of course, I acknowledge. All the books that pour through Amazon daily, and have been all over the country. All the books before Amazon, arriving in trucks, arriving in steam ships and trains, arriving in sailing vessels before that, tracing their origins back to all over the world. And the local printing presses, and all the endless books of all qualities and kinds.

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