A Lament

Used to be you could count on blogs. I never used to check the news because I had blogs. Nowadays I know everything that’s going on in the news, and I’m glad we have Trump.

Where are the unhealthy eructations, for example, of IDIOTG?  It has been emasculated. No comments, not even twice as many hits as me in March, death, doom and decay (of the uninteresting variety) over there. Looks like he’s re-running someone’s newsletter from 1952 or something . . . maybe 1852. He was on the blood trail of the compromisingest fundamentalists solid persons had ever located, moving in for the kill, the crowd roaring . . . and then the abrupt sound of silence. I miss the action, the malapropisms, the sheer lunatical hebetude. I watch Playback on Politico now, but it isn’t the same, is it?

“Where now are the horse and the rider? Where is the horn that was blowing?”

Sharper Iron is talking about what Phil Johnson said in 2005. Who even cares what Phil Johnson says today, let alone years ago for crying out loud? That is not quite as bad as linking to me in order to try to rouse the opposition, but it is unreservedly pathetic. Remember when they used to shut down the comments? The place used to crawl. Who spilled roach poison on it? Jason Janz ought to bestir himself, get some investigative reporting going on, bring back the giant of fundamentalist blogging if he still exists. Where is McCrorie, for example, and the rest of the leading lights of intellectual fundamentalism?

Remonstrans has turned to Bindlestiff which continues to sound the trumpet against the monstrous regiment. The blasts, however are so irregular that I think the guy has turned into a bum. And where all the froward interlocuters like when he took on the Bob Jones University faculty family in days of yore? Folks, without the stupid people, the internet is as boring as a seminary library after graduation. Bring back the old morons and heretics from across America and let battle be joined once more.

Religious Affections, I am glad to say, no longer promotes easter by telling you to buy its products (at least not since I last checked it in 2012), but it trundles on anemic. The only thing going for it is De Bruyne, and you can get him independently (and you should, his site is uncluttered, unadvertised, and is even aesthetically pleasing).

There hasn’t been an interesting Time of Nick since Miley Cyrus twerked. (I just wanted to use that sentence, I don’t have a specific issue in mind. And it isn’t a blog, but it blogs.) But I guess if they’re still chopping away at the whole carnal christian hangup in fundamentalism–which I remember being an issue ten years ago, as was Open Theism which hardly anybody talks about now–then that at least tells you what’s going on in fundamentalism these days. Maybe that’s the trouble with my terminal blogging world, fundamentalism is no longer good for controversy. But if fundamentalism isn’t good for controversy, what on earth is it good for?

Dead Blogroll of dishonorable mention: Paleoevangelical (used at least to provoke), O-files (yeah), Diakrisis (no polemical ardor to begin with, you know?), Immoderate (in-house and domesticated), Irrelevant (name says it all). Bags of Bran never seems to have got going though you could tell he wanted to, and in this deadly climate of blog quietism, how can the poor little guy? An Oxgoad hovered close to the lunatic fringe but never managed to joint or dissassociate–a fundamentalist fence-straddler, which sounds great, but it didn’t sell. You need a clearly delineated position, like me.

Is this the effect of faceblob? Then I hate faceblob the more. Bring back my fun. Still, I am here folks, going strong as the blogs drop out of the race. One day I hope to be interesting again . . . like Trump: I’ll make blogging great again. In that day I will rename my blog: Incurable.


9 thoughts on “A Lament

  1. A good number of us became pastors. It requires an altogether different cultivation of mind from that which gave forth the faltering jeremiads of 2012.

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