A block away, on the tracks there is something unusual, a diesel engine. It drags something the apartments intervening do not permit me to see. Above the apartments, however, rise orange platforms on which small figures in vivid vests and hardhats stand–about ten of them–reaching for the high voltage wires that power the usual trains. They’re doing work on the wires, I guess, and no doubt with all kinds of controlling protocol. My question is, why are they doing it in the rain?

3 thoughts on “Observed

  1. Our neighbors report hearing something like an explosion early this morning, around 3 a.m. and seeing lights flash outside the windows. I heard and saw it too, but thought it was just a dream, since it didn’t wake you.

  2. SEPTA reports: Our initial investigation indicates that a freight train running overnight had metal banding come loose, making contact and damaging the catenary wires. Our crews are in the process of repairing the damaged wire while we continue to run in both directions on the outbound track.

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