Without All Quantity

“Hee speaks more fully and more safely, that saith, God is being itselfe, or perfection itselfe. . . . So all plurality be excluded, . . .”

Traherne’s platonic theology, ladies and gentlemen. Divine simplicity is of course a corollary of the rule of prior simplicity, or rather its goal. All plurality excluded. The One. “We express his being and perfection best, by leaving them, as they turly are, without all quantity.”

Quality trumps quantity. Drives it quite out. Absolutely no quantity. That’s why Plato invented philosophy, and why his philosophy was Christianized, so that in turn theology might be platonized and reach perfection.

I’m hoping a dissertation might still be possible in this world on this. The title: something about Traherne’s Platonic Theology. Maybe, Divine Simplicity in, if not more grand.


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