Spirits Reconsidered

Well, the trouble is not a spirit of devouring. It is the fact that my assiduous running up and down the stairs many times has made my pants less snug around the waist thereof, and hence the spirit of devouring upon me while I study away at Johnny O. Just stairs, folks. Up and down. With energy. And you don’t need to quit reading or pay good money to join the scam they call a gym.

* * *

I’ve also finished Claire Tomalin’s Pepys. She’s a brisk writer and full informative, knew how to recount history and be interesting, her, which many historians do not. So now what do I do about the Owen? I worked a few hours of him today that I was dreading but managed, and found I’m full fed up with Johnny O. I must have overbinged once I got onto his own works. As a result, I’m lagging entirely. Fortunately the reading of him is for the most part over. Done! though I have a week’s worth of filling out the details on that paper with various and sundry investigations–and hoping to arrive at 25 pages—but that’s among the secondary stuff, so at least there will be variety and maybe even some enjoyment.

Speaking of enjoyment, what I’ve given myself is at long last Perry Miller’s Roger Williams. YEAH! Perry, my Perry, enjoyed himself with what he did and wrote. A lot. I thoroughly appreciate him, his malevolent glee, his turn of phrase, his prose. His tome on Williams is going fast; no disappointment, nor his fun at Roger’s poetry, typology, etc. The for me bonus is that the subject had to do with the intolerant, as opposed to the tolerant Independents. Very interesting view on things; very interesting combination, Miller & Williams.


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