Puritanism: A Very Short Introduction by Francis J. Bremer

Puritanism: A Very Short IntroductionPuritanism: A Very Short Introduction by Francis J. Bremer

p 3 “At the heart of puritanism was the attempt to transform society by first using grace to make God’s will one’s own. . . . the puritan objective to make society a godly kingdom.”

p 32-3 “Having begun as a movement to transform individuals, communities, and nations through words and example, puritanism achieved political power in the seventeenth century in both | England and New England. Their experiments to reshape society by imposing a set of beliefs and practices on citizens forced puritans to confront issues that they had not previously had to consider, leading to new considerations about their faith and lifestyle. The effort to impose reform failed.”

p 60 “In their efforts to regulate personal and communal morality the puritans sought to make themselves, their families, and their neighborhoods godly kingdoms whose light would shine forth and provide an example for others seeking to properly serve God.”

p 81 “However, the puritan colonists saw the state as nurturing the churches. . . . the puritan ideal was cooperation between . . . the magistrates and the ministers.”

Light on the why of all this, but introductory, readable and clear. Has the advantage of taking both sides of the Atlantic into consideration, and both sides were in play.

I’m sure the series has some duds, but I haven’t encountered one yet. The fact that Scruton has written at least three of these introductions speaks to the quality of the series.


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