A Final

I’ve been working on that final. We have the questions so we can practice our essays. I usually try not to think about whether or not I wish the teacher were doing this or that–it is futile and who cares. But it did crawl across my mind yesterday that were the questions not given, I’d be more comfortable preparing. This is too directed, too focused, not sufficiently free. I would love to show up for the exam and have to deal in three hours with the task: coherently describe the history of interpretation from the apostolic age ot the Reformation. The more general, the more genial for me.

So that’s what I’ve been doing this week, mostly. We’re getting together, moreover, to go over things, most of the class, which will (or could) provide a corrective for any idiosyncratic take on any one point. It strikes me as a congenial way to do a final, if you have to do a final. Rather than getting together to study–something I’ve found is rather futile–you get together to discuss the fruit of study. And today I realize we can only do it because we have the questions to begin with. Which leads me to conclude that perhaps having them is only a good thing if corporately taken advantage of, but were we not doing so, it would be a disadvantage.


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