Late Semestral

There’s a book called Reformed Catholicity, new book, with all the usual blurbs. We are required to respond to it and I was having the hardest time till groping to describe it I said it was a non-book, and got a positive response from others engaged in responding to it. The whole problem was that it is neither good nor bad: it’s ambiguous.

Had me down for a while, I can tell you. It is a relatively minor project, but the one that stalled me. I’ve spent more time on those 2500 words than on most others this semester, and with few returns. But figuring out the thing is was brought clarity. I wish I had not taken the blurbs so seriously, but when your own adviser blurbs the blurb (I’m going to ask him straight out if he actually read the book; I understand the guy with an office beside his is engaged in reviewing it and the rumor is it won’t be positive, heh).

Cheated, I’m taking it out on the school. They’re running all these evaluations, so I keep holding them up to the standard of Hogwarts. They ought to have commons, several of them, and the model to follow would be the Gryffindor commons: tapestries, huge chairs, fireplace, etc. Library: again, see Hogwarts School of Wizardry and Magic, a bit more atmosphere, some aesthetic considerations, diamond-pane glazed windows. Not pushing for Quidditch though, but parchment and quill rather than online registration would be a plus.


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