Autumn can be splendid and uninspiring. There are places so alive with color that you feel you’re walking into fairyland. And there are places where all it amounts to is a prolonged tangled mess of brown and drab green. So, as Kurt Vonnegut jr. liked to put it, it goes.

I had a conversation with a Biblical theology guy on how historians don’t seem interested in Biblical interpretation. And I had been thinking how these Biblical theology guys are not interested in simply understanding these historical figures. So it also goes.

Speaking of walking into fairyland, I just checked out some Chesterton. They have the complete works and I’ve wanted to do The Ballad of the White Horse for a long time. Head librarian rejoiced to see the day Chesterton was checked out. Beats reading loutish evangelical theologians who make arguments like this: We are right because our theology guarantees it since we read Scripture through our theology, which reading guarantees our conclusions: the theology we use to arrive there. So it goes, and nothing wrong with making Kurt Vonnegut jr. the last word in the clash of midgets that is evangelical theological endeavor.


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