Everything is clear, altogether and to its inmost part, to everything, for light is transparent to light. Each, There [sic], has everything in itself and sees all things in every other, for all are everywhere and each and every one is all, and the glory is unbounded; for each of them is great, because even the small is great: the sun There is all stars, and each star is the sun and all the others. . . . in that world There where there is no poverty or impotence, but everything is full of life, boiling with life. Things there [sic] flow in a way from a single source, not like one particular breath or warmth, but as if there were a single quality containing in itself and preserving all qualities, sweet taste and smell and the quality of wine with all other flavours, visions of colours and all that touch perceives, all to that hearing hears, all tunes and every rhythm.

Enneads, Plotinus.

Plotinus is always concerned to keep being, life and thought very closely linked in his descriptions of Intellect, to show it as a single reality which is at once the only perfectly real being, the fullness of life, and the perfection of intuitive thought which is identical with its object.

–Armstrong, acclaimed translator of Plotinus, who also points out that the One is a kind of Form of forms (prior simplicity!).
Bright chap, Plotinus. But think about this, you are another bright chap, Origen, and Logos Christology is all you have. It is on the way to the doctrine of the Trinity, but still not the formulation necessary. You’re missing a word: the word ‘person.’ You have ‘entity’ but its semantic domain overlaps too much with ‘being’ to give you a distinction between person and being. And Logos Christology is all you have, based on Proverbs 8. Christ is the logos, the reason, the underlying order of the cosmos, God’s wisdom itself, himself. And who can deny it? Origen was condemned for philosophy. Was Justinian having himself a joke? Origen must have laughed, orange and red perfections of laughter dazzling that realm where he had been for centuries more alive.


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