A Gem of His Own Quality

“Which of us wants deliverance out of this sinful world?” 23 August, 1946.

With no little joy I’m reading Kilby & Mead’s selections from Warren Lewis’s diary. He was a likeable chap. One of the great things to like about him, and instructive for understanding C.S., is his enjoyment of nature. The diary has more information on their walking tours than I’ve gotten elsewhere, and in which I have always been keenly interested.

The figure of C.S. looms through the fog in a way that is unusual since he is usually the main object in view. As well, Warren’s take on Mrs. Moore is more and quite vivid. He casts his own light on all the personages one encounters in reading about Lewis and the Inklings. His take on Dyson has been often quoted, but there are other gleams and glimmers of people (and Dyson’s abode, for example), his recounting of events the biographies do not make clear were regular, and such.

The great reason for doing a diary at all is not that he found it tedious to write—he did. But he found it great for reading over. He found it brought back memories that would otherwise probably languish. That, as a general observations, is something worth considering. Warren Lewis is not his deeper brother, but he is his own interesting person with his own life and events and impressions: a gem of his own quality.

This afternoon I bathed [in the Kiln’s pond] in a very heavy shower, a thing which when seen from the level of the water, produces a very beautiful and unusual sight—difficult to describe, but rather like little diamonds jumping on a sheet of some opaque green material over which lies a belt of mist about two inches thick. 10 July, 1933


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