The Arts

I just read a book . . . well, I use the verb perhaps too loosely, I just gave more attention than it deserved to a book on Christianity and the Arts which concluded by holding up U2 as an example. It isn’t the first one I’ve had to read and I gather the goal of the artist is to be noticed. I have met more ambitious chaps at WTS in a month that I did in all my time at Central.

The negligible portion of WTS dedicated to the arts at all is decidedly of the L’Abri persuasion. It is vitiated, from what I can tell–though that assumes there was something to begin with–by this presuppositionalistic notion of the noetic effects of sin which assumes that if you are not a Christian, you are out to get God as the point of everything you do: Christians, then, evaluate anything on the basis of finding its obvious anti-God character. Harry Potter? Bad worldview because it is not drawn on the Truth of Scripture: end of story. Is this where they get their confidence, the unassailability of a closed system?

They actually think that Christians, rah, rah, rah, have all that is needed for the best art because they have the truth, believing as they do in tough stuff others reject such as election and reprobation. Which position is obviously is hard to maintain in the face of evidence. It is a conclusion into which evidence is pressed unless they don’t want to press it, in which case common grace is invoked. Win-win. Do you know why Van Til is not more commonly noticed? People just don’t take the trouble to understand the bloke.

There is one way to get away. Mt Carmel Presbyterian (PC-USA) is having a free organ concert. It is not five minutes from school, and the organ is not bad at all: the AGO runs the event. It is far away enough where I shall be the only person from the WTS there.


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