October’s Peril

Trigg on Origen is just the book I needed. Readable above all, well organized, judiciously written, much unlike all these decompressed and semi-literate dissertations and researches one has to wander among too much. The problem is he’s got all my conclusions well in hand, thus obviating any need for the paper I was reading him to write. Well, I’ll enjoy the book and return to my labors anon.

I’m going to Princeton today, for a conference on sex in the academy with Roger Scruton. The conference is with Roger Scruton, that is: he will address us, rather than being the subject of address. I know of it thanks to the ISI, which nowadays requires membership dues that turn out to be worth paying.

The walnuts are being blown down by the high winds, which make for potential hazard on the autumn footpaths. The grass is growing and the toadstools have sprung up in the sheltering grass everywhere, like odd locutions in the writings–loosely so-called–of Presuppositionalists.

How is school? Fine thanks, chugging along well. I have landed on my feet as far as workload goes, and think that by this time in November I should have a good few things very well in hand, especially if I can manage a few more entire days of reading in bed. I actually at this point entertain hopes of giving a few whole entire days to my story, since it can be turned into the project for a class. It is making me quite a resourceful Platonist, being in the odd location I find myself for a Platonist, but that’s how all of life is for us in this realm of illusion, isn’t it?

I have to do a presentation on Origen and I am slowly coming to the conclusion that the best thing to do is give these people an insider’s view of Platonism in order to appreciate Origen’s genius better. I’ll have to approach the teacher about it and be in certain respects circumspect, but I think I’m starting to get a bit of the hang of circumspection, I really do.


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