Update of the Unexamined Life

Nobody blogs nowadays. I’m the last one standing against faceblob.

* * *
So how’s seminary going? Fine, thanks. I’m enjoying myself lots. I think I’m working at it better than I ever have and part of that is that at last I understand what I’m supposed to do. I have always maintained some kind of extra-curricular reading during my academic days, and with a little guilt. But I just had the great man tell me it is what he wants me to do.

I’m doing a lot of early church stuff and enjoying it. Did some hours of Augustine, and am still listening to the Confessions in the car. Did Pseudo-Dionysius, and then some Gregory of Nyssa. Now I’m going to spend a lot of time on Origen. Already it is going well. The more you do of the related blokes, the better it is. I’m going to do a presentation on Origen in class: it is going to be great.

I was going to read the biography of Traherne they have in the library, but some other person checked it out–which is encouraging, when you consider what a den of presuppositionalism WTS is. So instead I got Kilby’s edition of Warren Lewis’s diary, which will be grand.

There’s a student here who’s a presuppositional enthusiast and is editing a book made out of the presuppositionalistic essays of his former teacher. Is proofing it, and needed help. So I am doing that, commenting on it with great glee, and thinking my way through the fog and folly of presuppositionalism. Here are the two pillars of presuppositionalism: bad historical method and a reductio ad absurdum application of the doctrine of reprobation whereby they are licensed to despise everybody who does not agree with them. There’s a lot of bafflegab and verbal sleight of hand. For example, they keep insisting that Van Trump is holistic, but the term should actually be totalitarian. What Van Trump actually did, was come up with a kind of jargon whereby his followers can wilfully adopt the attitude of Tertullian. It is like the fundamentalism of yore, it seems to me, in that there’s a lot of the cold war in it: beware of communist infiltrators who are not solid. Van Trumpians prefer the term ‘concrete’ (one of the more ludicrous things–abstract is bad, concrete is good, the way some people use subjective and objective to explain away things) to ‘solid’, but it works out to something similar, so there is a promise of the Chron of F in it all.

I do Latin regularly, hoping to abandon it at the end of the year to take up probably German.

September has not cooled down quickly, and while now pleasant, is nowhere cold enough. What is cold is the basement of the library complex where I have a carrell. There I can bundle up year round. So that’s great. The rhythm of school is being caught, and things go on splendidly so far. And in October, there will be free organ concerts Tuesday’s at noon. Nothing could be better.


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