Speaking of Libraries

Want to hear an ironic thing? Doubly ironic.

The great man, faculty in Church History and in fact Chair . . . I believe, at Westminster Theological Seminary recommends to his PhD students, who are required to take two courses at outside institutions, that they do these at Princeton.

Princeton, from which J. Gresham Machen, defender of the faith, servant of the Lord, instrument of righteousness, patron saint of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church and illustrious faculty and bank-roller of Westminster Seminary, which he founded because Princeton would no longer do, severed himself with mournful resignation.

Not that I think he would mind. But still.

The second irony? Princeton is not a place I myself could ever get into. Now I’m going to have to find two classes to take there. Ha!

Anyway, I’ve been trawling their library, and it looks very fine. I met with another student farther along in the same process I’m in, and she had some good words to say about the Princeton Library. I long for it already.


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