Relatively Silent

The internet. About Northland.

I sometimes wonder if the chatter now goes on on Faceblob. I don’t have Faceblob so I don’t know. Faceblob is not the part of the internet that attracts me, but news of Northland’s strange protracted demise does.

It is very odd, all of it.

In a way, it is not odd. This is the Northland heart, if you will. Northland fires Olson, Northland rehires him and then he is gone. Northland has gone to Southern, Northland is of the North again, Southern gets the guy with a PhD from Oxford who . . . was at Northland. Northland is saved and on the new board you have the glowing face of Monte Pastor, of the bus ministry. IDIOT-G celebrates the recapture, but there are no congratulatory comments (that is weird–weirdest). Then for personal reasons, the six person (three couples) organization raising the 1.2 millions loses one of the captain and . . . prayer is being requested, not money.

Curioser and curioser, isn’t it?

Personal theory of what’s happening: Jeff Kahl used the word “impact” so widely and irresponsibly in his letter of jubilation that all the sensible people immediately asked him to resign on the ground that words matter.

You think it couldn’t happen? How do you know this isn’t the part of Northland’s long tortured death where we the dissidisciples, the legions of Gravitas got ahold of it and are going to have our moment of fame and glory wielding campgrounds for huge, unencumbered and unmitigated BASHES? Those of them, that is, on Faceblob.


4 thoughts on “Relatively Silent

  1. There has been no Faceblob blab that I have seen, and I am friends of faces that would find this something to blab about.

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