While I was not paying attention, Northland has been saved. Now there’s an exciting new partnership, exciting new leaders, and exciting new board, and the old ones are going to exciting new things in more temperate climes. The exciting plans one group had will not take place, but other exciting things planned by another group, apparently, now will. It was, is and ever shall be a win-win situation for anybody looking for excitement and with a decent positive outlook. And if you are not excited, you may quite possibly be spiritually comatose or some kind of legalist. HOW CAN YOU NOT BE?

I keep getting asked if I’m excited about things, in this adulterous generation. I was asked if I was excited about being a pastor in Colombia (by an old guy who should have known better) and now if I’m asked all the time if I’m excited about going to Westminster. Presbyterians ask me if I’m excited about going to a Presbyterian seminary. This is not the world John Knox envisioned. This is not Scotland of old which is no more or its sober religion.

Because if you’re not excited, I suppose, you’re either not ready to go or you are pretending to be cool. Pretending to be cool is not cool. Simple straightforward honesty about being excited on the other hand is authentic, and being all shaken up like a two-liter and full of fizz is, admit it, how anything different feels to genuwine people with a decentpositiveoutlook.

And so, after all this time, being assailed in irregular but persistent bombardment with queries whether I can return the cliché answer to the cliché question, I’ve at last come out with a REJOINDER. I shall say the excitement has rendered me almost daily incontinent. This news of Northland nearly did.


2 thoughts on “Groan

  1. I’m still scratching my head trying to figure out what “an aggressive youth and family camp program” might entail. Dobermans, perhaps?

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