The Library

I went to the library at WTS today, and now I know where I’m going to spend August. So good to smell the books again, to peruse the possibilities, to pursue interests.

It reminds me that I ought to be reading the books I own before I can’t. Well, I might give up on some things. The library also gives me a place to work that isn’t at home, which can help.

We signed up for the Free Library of Philadelphia, and that no doubt has things, but it is not what the Columbus and suburbs libraries are. Well, I’ll have the seminary for a change of venue, and Elcie’s Cafe, and Giant. And this apartment is going to end up being nice for studying too.

One more thing about the library: I have to get back into the habit of perusing the journals and seeing what’s in them. I do miss a good periodical library because I do peruse. So much more interesting than reading things online too. They have comfortable chairs at WTS. It is like the Bethel Seminary Library, only without the views and windows, shabbier, but more of a maze and with faculty studies everywhere throughout.


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