We came in the rain, a long cantankerous fit of it. It seems, when it comes to driving here, people are either very aggressive, or ridiculously passive. At least, so it seemed to me from that U-Haul.

You know what the nice thing about U-Hauls is? They use vans that are recent, but the basic design seems to be from few decades back. And if you think about it, how much have vans changed? I think its a good thing. When they make cars, they have to keep changing things to make it seem like an improvement even if it isn’t. But then they end up with the unanticipated problems that having newer things brings. But if you’ve figured out the details of a transmission configuration, this that and the other, and keep making it over decades, you end up with something pretty reliable, it seems to me.

* * *
The hotel with the pool is a nice travel perk. I hadn’t been swimming in a year.

The whole moving business has been quite a workout for me. I moved my boxes of books around my apartment three or four times, and it seems to have prepared me for loading the truck. The unloading was the more difficult because we were on our own. There did come a point on the day of unloading in which I was tired of exerting brute force, but in the interim, the exertions of the pool were pleasant.

* * *
The hardest toll is on my hands, and I think part of it is that I can’t stand it when my hands are warm. I should get gloves to carry things, but I have a great impatience about extra added details: hats, watches, gloves, even wearing a belt. But I sat in the remarkably appropriate U-Haul moving store yesterday looking at the handy things they suggest: lock for the truck, pads, boxes of course, labels, rope, and I saw the gloves at the right stage: fingertips worn, knuckles flayed, palms red.

* * *
But the thing is over with. I got a Kallax from IKEA, and I got the wrong size, but it works. I was going to get the 5×5 but we got confused getting the boxes. Besides, the 5×5 probably would not have fit in the Focus.

Kallax South

Kallax North
Tolkien on a wall, and an interloper.



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