Northland Undead

I wish they had let the funeral go on. This has done violence to my expectations. Why can’t we let Northland rest in peace? Why are people traversing the land and spending time and energy keeping the thing out of its well-earned rightful grave?

This comes of overachieving on enthusiasm. Project 14 is what the latest posse of graduates to the rescue is called, I gather, and has a slogan which tells me what I need to know.

“The goal of Project 14 Global Missions is to reach the world with the Gospel starting in Nicaragua.”

After lots of prayer and consideration we felt the Lord leading us to begin reaching the world through Nicaragua, instead of a place with a major airport. And Dunbar.

Is it the facilities? Too hard to resist letting go of all that solid campground property? Here is a beautiful facility in the middle of nowhere and what a shame to let to go to a productive turkey farm. Because we need solid camp ministries in a location that is an ordeal to reach, and of course solid conferences held in northern Wisconsin in January, and above all a solid graduate program far from any polluting legitimate academic endeavor.


11 thoughts on “Northland Undead

  1. “We believe that all human betterment and social improvements are the inevitable by-product of the Gospel.”

    Sir, give my some of these by-products, that I need by-products no more.

  2. Interesting question. It’s hard to separate a minor but persistent nostalgia from what the place does and how it does it and those from the individual relationships that I had with certain people who were extremely helpful to me. The best indicator of my understanding of MBU’s place in this world may be seen in my decision not to try to get my son to attend there, or, rather, my encouragements for him to go somewhere else. (He goes to a state college up the road.) I might be accurate in saying MBU is the best of an odd lot, but I haven’t been there to speak of in 12 years.

    1. Also, the last time he was there, he was there to participate in a youth revival, his particular role being one of the leaders in the comedy improv team. And he was very good.

      1. Ben, that visit was 17 years ago. 12 years ago I lived in WI again for 9 months and attended various things.

        My skills have dwindled precipitously in the interim.

  3. Also, be pleased you are not seeing some of the fetishizing of Dunbar that is happening on Facebook.

    I cannot do the NBBC package justice:( the location, facilities, ministry, leadership… All of these played a role in its uniqueness and I believe non-reproduce ability of it. If tried to be reproduced anywhere, it would be financially impossible. Why not try to purchase it for a fraction of its value? This is a big opportunity!!!! You had to be there to experience its uniqueness!

    Overachieving on something, certainly.

  4. Someone said that liking the “Save Northland” page is the least I could do. No, the least I could do is display my diploma. That would be the least I could do.

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