Returning to Unpack

I have unpacked yet again, returning from a journey. There is one more journey before the trip out to Philadelphia, and a little over a week for us in Columbus. No more! Now comes the packing and the pruning: we’re moving into a smaller place. I prefer them myself, feel better when we have fewer possessions all logically stowed, everything trim. Starting out anywhere, my advice is that you want to start as small as possible. One of the sacrifices is going to be the Christmas tree stand. No full-fledged Christmas tree has been decreed, alas!

It’s an old building from the 19th Century. First time living in something that old. First time having a place with windows on both sides for a cross breeze too. And just in time as it has no air conditioning, we’ll see how August treats us. The kitchen will more or less be off on its own, and they do gas there instead of the electric stove that has dogged our life here in Columbus. There’s only one downside to the place: the bath tub is not a whole entire thing. It is absurdly brief. It looks like no place in which to spend a long soak reading, and that’s a shame.

So our time in Columbus winds down. I have been miserable everywhere I go, and happy too of course, but never quite so miserable, that I remember, anywhere as it seems to me I have often been in Columbus. I have good memories too, of course, and things I’m glad of. But I don’t think the miseries endured elsewhere add up to those of Columbus. I have through them made sense out of a lot of things, but once you do that you’re ready to move on. I’m glad to exchange the ills of Columbus for the ills of Philadelphia, whatever they may be. Time to spread the cowhide rug on a different carpet. I would not mind if Philadelphia turned out permanent, at least not yet.


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