It has a worthwhile art museum. One needs days for it, and it isn’t the only museum around. They’ve taken pillars, and doorways, and even stained glass windows and embedded them in the room they’re displayed. I can now say I’ve stood before a Bosch. Really, it will take a long time to take in what’s on display. It’s a good place.

It has narrow, winding roads. Traffic surges from stop light to stop light. And the lights are usually red when you first hit them. The pattern of traffic is to take advantage of anything you can.

It has splendid placed to walk. Arboreal walks, tall timber, all kinds of trails and paths. I am going to get a lot of reading done along the Wissahickon Creek, I feel.

Just about every two blocks or so you’ll find an Italian or a Chinese restaurant. No chains, just mom and pop. Busy too.

And then there’s the splendor of downtown. I love walking around in great cities. Cities are where things happen. This city is a splendid old place. Everything is more than Columbus: more decay, more consideration, more monuments, more fine buildings, more miles of the hood, more traffic, more bridges, more nameless restaurants, more churches, more row houses, more skyscrapers, more bums.


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