Looks like Philadelphia and its environs will contain us. I’m eager for it already. Can’t say it is easy to say no to Southern, but it is easy to say no to Louisville.

The wife of me, who has a way sometimes of putting the question, helped me arrive at the conclusion this morning when she asked me–as we’re still waiting to hear back from the U of St. Louis–if they accepted you would you go? Already she knew the answer. The answer is of course that I have no enthusiasm left for them.

So I need to start lifting things so that when the time comes to move I am not so easily taken out of the action. And getting rid of things, which I am always fond of doing. None of the packrat with me. I look with horror sometimes at the amount of things persons get into their places of habitation. I return to my own to look around with even greater horror. The books we have have doubled in three years. They need to be trimmed back. Things are nice, but they require order, constant ordering and care, and who has time?

Time is what is running out on me. All too soon I’ll be swallowed up in duties and probably German . . . I think they want me to learn German before I start. I ought to check on that soon. But not before I finish Latin and get closer to the end of Wheelock’s. A hard two months of finishing up with school lie before me, but I’m sure that time will fly.

Speaking of German, we drove back through the land of my fathers–York, Lancaster, Gettysburg (didn’t quite make it to Hanover, the locus classicus of the family). Italian food and the metropoleis of the east coast and living closer to the sea! There are going to be lots of things to see and do out there, not least of which will be to earn a PhD.


7 thoughts on “Westminster

  1. Congrats on the solidifying of your plans. I always saw as more the Westminster sort. I’m glad you’re going there.

    Let me know what books you might be getting rid of.

    And when the move date might be as we ought to have you up if you have time.

  2. Too bad Peter Enns is no longer there . . . . Ahem! He was a superb teacher for reading German. They may still offer a 10-week program as they did when I was there.

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