Email of the Unexamined Life

OSU sent an email to say I would not do. Which I’d rather be saying to them than have said to me, but at least puts that potential to rest. Columbus, I shall not live in thee more than a few months! What would I have done had they accepted me? I do not know. Why even apply? I was expected to, and I did it to say I had.

So, two acceptances and one rejection. How vain must I be that it stings nevertheless. I had rather be the lord of all rejections! But it prepares me for the dashing of my St. Louis hopes when that occurs.

As a consolation I have begun to charge my blue pen with sepia ink, and it is a wise move on the whole. Sepia is a nice, autumnal color. Muted, but unusual, with a sense of faded antiquity. There are shades of paper on which one does not use it of course, but white and pale green are good for sepia, as I think cream will be to. Sepia seeps out of the pen which had been struggling with the intermingled red and blue rather more than is convenient better. I am consoled by it.

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